Monday, January 2, 2012

Fixing not working YONGNUO YN565EX flash

After some time my flash begin to miss flashes. Was clicks inside but no flashes. I decided to fix the problem by myself.
(flash S/N:YN21624712)

320Volts on lamp stays after turning off and removing batteries!


The main problem was in dirty lamp and ignition transformer coil. Connection inside coil was broken:

(the winding is very bad)

I changed ignition transformer by another from old Sony DSC-V1 camera:

Dirty mirror and lamp needs to be cleaned:

Then assemble it all together without missing some parts.

Some video about same problem:

Flash works like new.
Manufacturer must solve this problem!

P.S. After one night in club flash began to misfire again. Insulation problem appeared.
New view of transformer:

P.P.S also may be you can fix other Yongnuo products YN-460 II, YN-465, YN-468, YN-560

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